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Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine
Gold Testing Machine
Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine Gold Testing Machine

Gold Testing Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

GOLDMAX Instruments Brings you the next generation in portable precious metals analysis with the GOLDMAX XRF analyser. The GOLDMAX is an easy to use, cost effective method that provides fast alloy analysis and Karat classification with one non-destructive test.


The GOLDMAX is latest Innovation in field of XRF it is equipped with latest detector technology with very less noise & better count rate as compare with SI-PIN Detector.

They are well suited for the non-destructive coating thickness measurement and material analysis to trace even very small amount of metal presence because of very high count rate.

The GOLDMAX SDD Instruments are especially well suited for measuring Analysing thin coatings, even with very complex compositions or small concentrations can be possible with high accuracy rate because of better resolution 125 eV than those SIPIN Detector technologies.

Typical fields of Application:

  • Measurement of functional coatings, starting from a few nanometres, in the electronics and semi conductor industries
  • Trace analysis for consumer protection, e.g. lead content in toys
  • Analysis of alloys with highest requirements of accuracy in the jewellery and watch industries and in metal refineries
  • Research in universities and in the industries

Advance Features :

  • Technological alternative to fire assay for elemental analysis On the spot certification of Karat content, (0-24 KARAT)
  • Identification impurities & Powder like Ir, Ru, Rh, Ni, Pb, Fe, Co, Sn, Os , In And other Elements Analysis of platinum, gold, silver and other precious alloys
  • Silver Analysis is also possible
  • Verification of gold content in scrap gold
  • Outstanding accuracy and long term stability are characteristics of all GOLDMAX Instruments
  • X-RAY systems the necessity of recalibration is dramatically reduced, saving time and effort For high accuracy tasks calibrations can be performed at any time
  • The fundamental parameter method by GOLDMAX allows for the analysis of solid and liquid specimens as well as coating systems without calibration

Design :

  • The GOLDMAX SDD Models are designed as user-friendly bench-top Instruments
  • Fixed sample support & manually operable XY stage for accurate positioning of small parts and larger measuring chamber Optional
  • For quick and easy sample positioning, the X-ray source and semiconductor detector assembly is located in the instruments lower chamber. The measuring direction is from underneath the sample, which is supported by a transparent window
  • The integrated video-microscope with zoom and crosshairs simplifies sample placement and allows precise measuring spot adjustment
  • The entire operation and evaluation of measurements as well as the clear presentation of measurement data is performed on a PC, using the powerful and user-friendly software

Technical Specifications :

  • Element Range Elements can be identified from Ti - U
  • Design Bench Top unit with upwards opening hood
  • Measuring Direction Bottom to Top
  • X-Ray Source
  • X-Ray Tube Micro-Focus Tungsten Tube with W-Target
  • High Voltage Adjustable 50 KV
  • Aperture (Collimator) Fixed Collimator 1.0 mm or larger
  • X-Ray Detection
    • X-Ray Detector SDD
    • Resolution 125 eV
    • Count Rate1000000 CPS
    • Sample Alignment
    • Sample Positioning Manually
    • Sample View Color CCTV High Resolution Camera system, Magnification between 20X
    • Sample Stage Fixed Sample Support
  • Power Supply
    • Power Supply 110 to 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, Max 120W
  • Dimension
    • External Dimension (W x D x H) W x D x H 430 x 550 x 330 mm
    • Weight 35 Kg Approx
    • Environment Temp Range 10 - 40 C

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